About us

About Us

Service commitment:
u   ◆ equipment warranty period, the Company provided the factory 18 months
u   ◆ free service warranty period
u   ◆ received a service message
give answers within one hour u & nbsp; ◆ After receiving the services required to achieve on-site service within 24 hours
u   ◆ outside the warranty period, paid services for life
The machine as compressed air purification equipment, the date of purchase or the date of manufacture equipment nameplate, the whole year warranty (except as otherwise agreed purchase and sales contracts)
The following are not covered under warranty
1.   user due to handling, installation, use, maintenance, improper storage and damaged
2.   own factory service personnel to remove the product or cause
3.   abnormal voltage due to external reasons, such as force majeure fire and damaged
4.   Caution failure to installation and operating instructions and other requirements arising from the use of

service hotline: 0571-88684007 Service Fax: 0571-88802376