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  • How do we Choose a drier?
  • Edit:Hangzhou Linuo Machinery Co., Ltd.Date:2017-02-14 15:08 Num:
Due to the wide variety of materials to be dried in industrial production, the requirements for product quality are different, so it is very important to choose a suitable dryer. If you choose improperly, will lead to product quality not meeting the requirements, or low heat utilization, power consumption is high, and even equipment can not run properly. In general, several suitable dryers can be selected according to the nature of the dried material and the industrial requirements, and then the technical costs of the equipment of the selected dryer are then economically accounted for, and the type of dryer is finally determined. Specifically, the following aspects need to be considered when selecting the type of dryer
  Select the dryer, the first to consider the product form requirements. For example, ceramic products and biscuits and other foo. If it happens that the geometry should be lost during the drying process, the value of goods will also be lost. Material requirements are different, the applicable dryer is also different.
  To achieve the required degree of drying, the need for a certain drying time, different materials, the required drying time may vary greatly. For moisture-absorbing materials or materials with high critical water content, choose a dryer with a long drying time. Dryers with very short drying times, such as air dryers, are suitable for dry, dry materials with very low critical moisture content.
  The sensitivity of the material to heat determines the upper temperature limit of the material during drying, but the ability of the material to withstand the temperature is also related to the length of the drying time. For some heat-sensitive materials, if the drying time is very short, even at higher temperatures for drying, the product will not be so bad. Air dryer and spray dryer is more suitable for heat-sensitive materials, dry.
  The adhesion of the material is related to the flow-ability of the material in the dryer and the transfer of heat and mass transfer. The change in the adhesion of the material from the wet state to the dry state should be fully understood in order to select the appropriate dryer.
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