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  • Application principle of natural gas cold dryer
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The natural gas dryer (molecular sieve dehydration unit) adopts closed-loop loop for recycling regeneration, and the system gas loss is zero. It is suitable for drying and purifying inflammable and explosive gases such as natural gas, coalbed methane, gas gas, well gas and biogas.

The device is used in natural gas field, CNG filling station and parent station, coalbed methane gas gathering station, heating furnace fuel station, light hydrocarbon recovery unit and other deep dehydration occasions. It is also an essential purification device for automobile filling station.

working principle

KCN dryer adopts the principle of variable temperature adsorption, which can be adsorbed at normal temperature and high water vapor partial pressure, and can be regenerated under high temperature and low water vapor partial pressure. When the natural gas enters the dryer, it is first filtered in the prefilter. After entering the adsorption tower a, the moisture in the gas is adsorbed by the molecular sieve to become the dry product gas, which is filtered and exported by the post filter; while the adsorption tower a is drying, the heater, adsorption tower B, regeneration gas cooler, separator and regeneration compressor form a closed regeneration circuit 。 The gas in the loop is pressurized by the compressor and heated by the heater, and then the saturated molecular sieve is heated by the adsorption tower B. after the temperature rise analysis is completed, the high-temperature gas is boosted by the compressor, and the gas cooled by the cooler is cooled to the molecular sieve after heating in the adsorption Tower B, and the moisture in the molecular sieve is taken away. After passing through the separator, the water enters the liquid storage tank The molecular sieve was regenerated after circulating for a certain time, and the two towers were switched alternately after regeneration.

Natural gas explosion-proof freeze dryer

Provide the explosion proof certificate of the whole machine, the corrosive gas adopts the corresponding anti-corrosion material, the inlet temperature: ≤ 45 ℃ (> 45 ℃ can be customized)

Working pressure: atmospheric pressure, low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure can be accepted. Customized cooling mode: water cooling or air cooling

Cooling water pressure 0.2MPa ~ 0.6MPa

Cooling water: industrial circulating water, not for air cooling type

Ambient temperature: ≤ 38 ℃, only air cooling type

Installation mode: indoor installation without foundation (outdoor installation can be customized) working medium: biogas, gas, natural gas, hydrogen and other flammable and explosive gases with different pressures and different inlet temperatures

Different gas media can be customized

Natural gas dryer bulk purchase and customization, can contact lino machinery