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Biogas vertical filter

Gas medium: biogas, natural gas, coalbed methane (gas), hydrogen, shale gas, etc.
Fat explosion level: Ex || BT4 Ex || CT4,
Gas inlet temperature: ≤45°C (high temperature inlet is custom-made),
Working pressure: 0.2-10MPa (container is designed and manufactured according to actual pressure),
Export dew point: -20-40 ° C (lower dew point requires custom),
Intake residual oil: ≤0. 01PPm,
Power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz 380V/3Ph/50Hz (exported to foreign power supply custom),
型号Model 处理量Nm3/min 接口管径 Connection 外形尺寸Dimension(L*W*H) 设备重量Weight(Kg)
LNG-*-100/*KPa 100 DN65 320*1050 53
LNG-*-200/*KPa 200 DN80 460*1090 80
LNG-*-400/*KPa 400 DN125 565*1270 150
LNG-*-600/*KPa 600 DN125 657*1320 190
LNG-*-1000/*KPa 1000 DN150 700*1340 220
LNG-*-1500/*KPa 1500 DN200 746*1450 240
LNG-*-2000/*KPa 2000 DN250 900*1535 406
LNG-*-3000/*KPa 3000 DN300 996*1625 530


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