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Refrigerated air dryer energy saving development

Refrigerated air dryer energy saving development

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, refrigeration drying equipment is still limited to lyophilization of a small amount of Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng, velvet, yam, and Cordyceps sinensis. A large number of proprietary Chinese medicines have not been freeze-dried, which is far from the foreign countries.
With the development of the times, people pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and the requirements of domestic food freeze dryers are relatively high.
Food drying characteristics:
1. Better preserve the taste and aroma of food
2, completely save the color and start of the food
3. Completely preserve the vitamins and proteins of food
4, can quickly and completely re-absorb
5. The period of confined food preservation is long, and the storage period is at least one or two years.
In the face of various challenges, only the innovation and development, better improvement, the freeze dryer industry can be better developed.
1. Reduce costs and reduce energy consumption: Some foreign freeze dryers are not made of stainless steel, but low-carbon steel coated food can be dried with resin, which emits infrared light at room temperature. The surface of the shelf is coated with high-performance far-infrared emitting materials to enhance its radiation ability; the surface of the tray is treated to enhance its absorption capacity. The optimization of the structure, size and frosting characteristics of the water trap is more practical, because its current cost is equivalent to the cost of the freeze-drying box, and the running power consumption is large. For the lyophilizer, the heating system only supplements the sublimation heat, and the power consumption should not be too high, but the existing equipment is not satisfactory, and the structure should be optimized and the energy consumption should be reduced.
2. Development of continuous freeze-drying equipment: Most of the currently produced freeze-drying machines are batch products. With the development of industrial technology, it is an inevitable trend to develop continuous freeze-drying equipment and increase the output of freeze-dried products.
3, to ensure the quality of the freeze dryer: improve performance refers to the addition of heating rate, pumping rate, temperature uniformity, vacuum stability, enhance the new function of the equipment.
With the increasing demand for freeze-drying equipment and the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of pharmaceutical products, the freeze dryer equipment will have a great development. The freeze-drying equipment should be developed towards the industry's energy-saving and cost-reducing trend. Micro heat regeneration dryer