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Downhole special dryer

Technical description:
The high-temperature saturated compressed air enters the unpowered dryer after cooling by the cooler. For example, the downhole water temperature of the site is about 20 degrees, and the outlet pressure dew point can be about -5 degrees of normal pressure. This scheme has no transmission electric appliance and is suitable for water removal of underground space gas. Degreasing and dedusting;
Advantages: no power, no energy consumption, no faults;
Suitable for power-free areas, explosion-proof areas, energy-saving areas;
Working principle: The high temperature saturated compressed air is cooled by the water cooler to remove a part of the liquid water. At this time, it enters the drying tower. The gas flow direction is naturally upward through the dissolving agent in the dryer, and the dissolving agent gradually absorbs the oil in the air and then gradually melts. The compressed air will flow to the upper end of the dryer, and the generated liquid water will be discharged by gravity to the bottom of the tank and discharged through the drain valve. The dryness and cleanliness of the outlet gas will be greatly improved to meet the gas requirements of the after equipment.
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