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The company's main products are: compressed air freeze dryer, explosion-proof freeze dryer, hydrogen dryer, biogas dryer, natural gas dryer and other flammable and explosive gas dryer (dehydration equipment), no heat (micro-heat) adsorption Dryer, waste heat (compressed heat) regenerative adsorption dryer, zero gas consumption adsorption dryer, low dew point combined dryer, blast air dryer, oil water separator, precision filter and various specifications of filter, automatic Drainage and other products are suitable for use with various air compressors to remove water, oil and dust from compressed air, thus effectively and thoroughly solving the troubles caused by low-quality compressed air.

The company has a complete quality assurance system, advanced testing equipment and high-quality staff to provide users with a variety of gas drying, dehydration, purification design, installation, after-sales and other services.





Focused on the production of gas drying and purification equipment for many years


It is an environmentally-friendly enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of compressed air and various unconventional gas drying and purification equipment.

A wide variety to meet your needs


Linuo's products have been widely used in steel, petrochemical, coal chemical, electric power, automobile, shipbuilding, aluminum, chemical fiber, glass, food, electronics, cigarette, paper, bio-pharmaceutical, instrumentation, daily chemical, biogas, natural gas, coal seam Various gases in various industries such as gas

Quality products, comprehensive implementation of quality management system requirements


Linuo mechanical products have been tested many times, which is easy to use and has high safety performance;

Longevity for more than 10 years

Improve logistics and distribution services and after-sales service system


The warranty period of the equipment provided by the company is factory, free service during the one-year warranty period.
Professional service team, one-on-one technical guidance, to provide you with professional technical services



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