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Celebrate the Double Festivals and celebrate the holiday together. Hangzhou Linuo will spend a wonderful time with you

Celebrate the Double Festivals and celebrate the holiday together. Hangzhou Linuo will spend a wonderful time with you


  The Mid Autumn Festival and National Day coincides with the Hangzhou Asian Games. On these three joyful days, Hangzhou, China welcomes athletes and friends from all over the world with an open, inclusive, enthusiastic, and friendly attitude.

  For Hangzhou, the five-year period has been characterized by continuous improvement in infrastructure construction, deepening of environmental remediation, and continuous improvement in transportation optimization. All of these changes and progress are aimed at upholding the concept of "green, intelligent, thrifty, and civilized" and presenting a unique and exciting sports feast to the global audience.

  Hangzhou Linuo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., as a private enterprise in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is committed to the gas purification and drying industry.

  Based on the company's own industry advantages and relevant design, development, and manufacturing experience, we carefully design and manufacture each gas purification device. The application scenarios of the device are mostly focused on new energy and waste gas treatment: flue gas and tail gas dehydration, helping to pave the way for waste gas treatment, carbon dioxide dehydration, assisting in the implementation of CCUS projects, hydrogen dehydration, which is the ultimate goal of promoting new energy to replace fossil fuels.

  Hangzhou Linuo's development direction for so many years has reached an agreement with the "green" concept of hosting the Hangzhou Asian Games. Green is the integration of green, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection, and sustainable development into all aspects. What we need to do is to strictly adhere to our original principles, continuously improve the dehydration equipment itself, innovate from the perspective of low energy consumption and zero emissions, and provide high-performance equipment for all equipment users worldwide, following a good start in complying with policies Low energy green dehydration device.

  Finally, during this Mid Autumn Festival, Hangzhou Linuo Machinery wishes everyone a happy and happy reunion, smooth progress in their career, and eternal happiness and peace for the whole family!